Who We Are

Joint Strategic Solutions, a USAMS III Joint Venture, was established for the purpose of providing United States Strategic Command clients with the best possible comprehensive professional, organizational and technical decision-making consulting services. Through excellence in staffing and client solution delivery, Joint Strategic Solutions' primary focus is to aid clients in accomplishing their vision, mission, goals, and purpose.

Why Us

Joint Strategic Solutions brings USAMS II past performance in addition to prime contractor experience from numerous organizations, including an $800M multiple award contract supporting a Joint Combatant Command. We are experienced at providing cost savings to our customers while maintaining exceptional customer support. Joint Strategic Solutions’ customer base brings specific and relevant expertise to key and critical United States Strategic Command mission areas.

Join Us

Contact us to learn more, join our team or apply for the following positions:

Space Operations SME
Cyber Operations SME
Information Technology / Information Systems
Operations Research
Global Strike SME
Strategic Deterrence SME
Missile Defense SME
Modeling and Simulation Analyst
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